Employess From Hell - Audio Download

How to turn them around or turn them out
By Larry Johnson, CSP
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Tele Seminar - Recorded May 6, 2009
Who takes up more of your time than any other employees?
 Who keeps you awake at night, wondering what they'll do next?
 Who distracts you and your team from its mission?
 Who do you wish would "get with the program?"
 Who do you wish would just "go away?"

That's right - EMPLOYEES FROM HELL. Want to do something about them? Join us for a 60-minute audio conference where you and your managers will discover:
•A simple method for diagnosing aberrant employee behaviors
•Three positive actions you can take to turn these folks into great contributors
•Six key steps to confront unacceptable behaviors
•Follow-up tactics that ensure problems get solved for good

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Employess From Hell - Audio Download

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