Generations, Inc.

by Meagan Johnson and Larry Johnson

You're great at hiring talented people. Seasoned veterans and ambitious rookies alike, everyone on your team is energetic, focused, positive, and skilled. But with each generation looking at business from its own unique perspective, they won't always see eye to eye. Professionals of different ages have different definitions of concepts like success, work ethic, priorities, and a job well done. Their point of view comes from their different professional and personal experiences.
It's almost never a clear-cut question of whose approach is right or wrong, so how do you manage the confluence of Woodstock Nation and the Facebook Generation-and everything in between?
Authors Meagan Johnson and Larry Johnson are walking examples of this challenge. A father-and-daughter consulting team whose points of view only sometimes coincide, they have developed powerful solutions to many of the seemingly intractable problems of intergenerational conflict. Generations, Inc. makes it easy for any manager, supervisor, or team leader to:

 •Talk openly about conflict
 •Create cross-generational alliances
 •Reconcile disparate values and idiosyncratic working styles
 •Run meetings and direct teams with equal (and equally valued) input from members of all generations
 •And much more
The book features their snappy give-and-take, point-counterpoint approach to getting to the heart of the matter, and includes a wealth of dialogue among professionals in dozens of fields and across multiple generations. What surfaces is that despite all the differences, there is much common ground to serve as a springboard to lasting cooperation.
From the "Traditional" generation to "Generation Y" to as-yet-unnamed generations to come, you may find yourself managing great talent from five or more generations at once. Each is brilliant but headstrong, well-intentioned but wary. But with the powerful management secrets of Generations, Inc., you'll soon have them working together to move your organization into a future that works for everyone.

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Generations, Inc.

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