There is No "They" DVD


Well-known speaker, author and customer-care expert Larry Johnson and his wife, CJ, present:
There Is No "They"
Delivering Care from the Customer's Perspective DVD

While on a bicycling vacation in 2003, CJ, who is Larry's wife and life partner of 38 years, was involved in an accident that changed their world. Despite wearing a helmet, CJ sustained a closed head injury that put her in a coma for eight weeks, and a persistent vegetative state, from which she emerged seven months later. Going from intensive care to skilled nursing to home healthcare, CJ and Larry have experienced firsthand what it's like to be health care customers.

In this dynamic, humorous, and heart-felt presentation, Larry shows the audience how they can make huge differences in patients' perceptions of the care they receive. Then, to drive home the point, Larry and CJ share their story. It's a story of frustration and reward, despair and hope, tragedy and joy. It's a story that will touch the hearts of the audience and make them glad they have chosen to work in this very noble field.

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There is No "They" DVD

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